Love Letter to Glasgow – BBC The Social

My latest collaboration with BBC The Social.


Sonnet Youth #3 with Leyla Josephine

SY 3 artwork

It was great to have Leyla Josephine back on home soil and packing just as much of a punch as before her travels. Her poem about her anger towards travel pillows was the favourite of the night, with tears of laughter rolling down some of the audience’s faces. We also had a hilarious, energetic, touching and thought provoking performances from the others on the bill.  The Sonnet Youth community is growing from strength to strength, and myself and Kev feel blessed to have so many talented people on our bill. Next month we are on the 17th of August, with headliner David Lee Morgan!


Saul Williams pre-party: Sonnet Youth Sunday @ O2 ABC

My co-host of Sonnet Youth and I Kevin P Gilday were absolutely delighted to be asked by ABC to host the Saul Williams pre-party yesterday. We had a range of talent take to the stage from open micers to spoken word heavyweights such as Katie Ailes and Kevin Mclean (Loud Poets), Jenny Lindsay (Rally and Broad), Stephen Watt and the mesmerising Chrissy Barnacle. Saul even dropped by and witnessed for himself the wonderful range of talent Glasgow’s poetry scene has. We were lucky enough to see him in action later, and it was a unique and electrifying experience, reminding me how far people can push themselves lyrically and performatively. Just wow!




Troon From Above by Siren Cinematics

My latest poetry video saw me branching out beyond my spoken word comfort zone of candid rhymes about getting drunk at festivals and breaking up with guys (!). I was approached by a drone footage company Siren Cinematics (check out their stuff, it’s incredible) to write and perform a poem about a city girl falling in love with a West Coast guy for a video for the Troon Tourism board. The finished product is below, hope you enjoy!

Sonnet Youth #2 with Alan Bissett

I am so excited for the second Sonnet Youth that I’m co-hosting with Kevin P Gilday next Wednesday June 15th at 8:30pm. On the bill we have the likes of Rally and Broad’s Jenny Lindsay, Irish slam champion Brian McMahon Gallagher, Loud Poet’s Katie Ailes and a few other of Glasgow’s most promising wordsmiths. Headlining we have the hugely talented writer and performer Alan Bissett. It’s only £3 entry and the kitchen is open until 10pm. What’s. Not. To. Love?


STV The Late Show

Tonight I was a guest on Scotland’s only late night chat show The Late Show with presenter Ewen Cameron and comedian Chris Henry. As well as talking about my recent award win, the Scottish spoken word scene and the various projects that I’m involved in, I performed my latest poem Festival, managing to omit the C word successfully. So I reckon it went well!

You can watch the whole show, including my performance here: