Last Night – BBC The Social


Ode to the Tattie – Zero Waste Scotland


Monster – BBC The Social


Fun Mistakes – BBC The Social


I Don’t Like Xmas – BBC The Social

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Christmas…..too commercial now?

Love Letter to Glasgow – BBC The Social

Troon From Above – Sirens Cinematic

Friday Night – BBC The Social

Living With Boys – BBC The Social

Something -BBC The Social

To The Lassies (BBC The Social)

I Don’t Like Christmas (BBC The Social)

Cereal Dater

Loud Poets at the Old Hairdressers ‘Love Letter to Glasgow’ (video courtesy of dynamicmike)

It’s not a Burns Night set at Govanhill Baths Jan 2015 (video courtesy of Joseph Beaver)

Love Letter to Glasgow



Women’s Magazines

I met a guy at the Arctic Monkeys

Mare Millionaires than Women – George Square Rally Sep 2014

Mare Millionaires than Women


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