Bloody Big Brunch on March 10th


Catch me performing a tailor written piece about period poverty at this brilliant event Bloody Big Brunch!


Engendered by PEEK


Photo by Kevin Main

I was proud as punch to see this PEEK performance tonight at the Barrowlands Art and Design Centre. After working with some of the performers one on one as a writing mentor, it was great to see the finished product with all the movement, costume and set design. Throughout the process, and again when seeing the play, I was blown away at the maturity and creativity that was used to handle issues such as sexism, bullying, domestic abuse, rape and the pressures of the media.

Read Toonspeak’s blog on the show here.

Engendered – writing mentoring

I have been writing mentor for PEEK‘s upcoming show Engendered for a month now and I am still getting blown away by the young people’s ideas and engagement with the themes that we are exploring. So far I have helped them to create a piece of spoken word highlighting gender pressures that are placed on people from birth, a multi media feminist rant, a 1950’s style housewife’s monologue and a two hander about consent and the roles of victims and abuser.

The show, which is on February 24th and 25th promises to be timely, boundary pushing and thought provoking.

Causing a Rockus

Tonight I opened with a ten minute set for Rockus’s spoken word event Poetry n Power Chords. Aside from the obvious buzz that comes with performing, getting the opportunity to see the other poets read their new work is often the greatest pleasure.

Every spoken word night I attend introduces me to some ones to watch- either emerging poets or people I just haven’t come across before, and tonight was no exception. The fellow female performers (such as Polly Burn, Charlotte Le Good and Hussie Rodriguez) gave witty and striking performances, mostly focusing on the struggles of modern women and challenging patriarchal expectations of sex and relationships. Having noticed a gender imbalance in like, everything (!), it was great to see young women holding their own and delivering punchy, strong poetry.

A good bunch of Glasgow’s well established poets, such as the ever energetic Sam Small, and the force to be reckoned with that is Loki were of course awesome. And the night was peppered with the unique MC Adam V Cheshire’s delightfully shouty and pointed scribblings.

I am told that the next poetry night at Rockus will be an all female line up so that is definitely one to look out for. Chalice over phallus any day 😉