Scottish Youth Poetry Slam

98b5df7e26.jpgOver the last few weeks I have been honoured to host the two regionals of the first ever national Scottish Youth Poetry Slam by conFAB. The first one was at the Traverse Theatre, and the second one was at the MacRobert Arts Centre.

I’m always been blown away by the talent and originality of the work that young people produce, and I’m so happy to see spoken word being considered as a viable artform for them to express themselves in new and exciting ways.

I can’t wait to host the final at the Beacon Arts Centre on October 27th, where Kelso High School, Northfield Academy, Mearns Castle, Port Glasgow, Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre and Wallace High School will be competing for first prize!




Sonnet Youth Student Edition @ O2 ABC

sy-se-abcKevin and I hosted an open mic night as a belated Freshers event at the O2 ABC yesterday. It was brilliant to see some familiar faces, as well as a few new ones.

We are always on the hunt for fresh, original voices and it was nice to welcome some newbies to the stage in a non-judgemental and supportive environment. Also we can’t wait for our Sonnet Youth support slot at ABC on the 19th of October with George the Poet too.




Sonnet Youth #3 with Leyla Josephine

SY 3 artwork

It was great to have Leyla Josephine back on home soil and packing just as much of a punch as before her travels. Her poem about her anger towards travel pillows was the favourite of the night, with tears of laughter rolling down some of the audience’s faces. We also had a hilarious, energetic, touching and thought provoking performances from the others on the bill.  The Sonnet Youth community is growing from strength to strength, and myself and Kev feel blessed to have so many talented people on our bill. Next month we are on the 17th of August, with headliner David Lee Morgan!


Causing a Rockus

Tonight I opened with a ten minute set for Rockus’s spoken word event Poetry n Power Chords. Aside from the obvious buzz that comes with performing, getting the opportunity to see the other poets read their new work is often the greatest pleasure.

Every spoken word night I attend introduces me to some ones to watch- either emerging poets or people I just haven’t come across before, and tonight was no exception. The fellow female performers (such as Polly Burn, Charlotte Le Good and Hussie Rodriguez) gave witty and striking performances, mostly focusing on the struggles of modern women and challenging patriarchal expectations of sex and relationships. Having noticed a gender imbalance in like, everything (!), it was great to see young women holding their own and delivering punchy, strong poetry.

A good bunch of Glasgow’s well established poets, such as the ever energetic Sam Small, and the force to be reckoned with that is Loki were of course awesome. And the night was peppered with the unique MC Adam V Cheshire’s delightfully shouty and pointed scribblings.

I am told that the next poetry night at Rockus will be an all female line up so that is definitely one to look out for. Chalice over phallus any day 😉