With ten years of experience in workshop facilitation, tutoring, writing mentoring and most recently lecturing at several universities, I can facilitate sessions in screenwriting, creative writing and spoken word poetry.

Organisations that I have taught for include:

University of the West of Scotland, University of Glasgow, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow Life, Scottish Youth Theatre, Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre, Migrant Voices, Possibilities for Each and Every Kid, The Village Storytelling Centre, Castlehead High, Mariner Support Project, The High School of Glasgow, West Lothian Council, St Rose of Lima Primary, St James’s Primary, Stirling Council, Parikrma Humanity Foundation, New Rhythms For Glasgow, The Bold Collective.

I have led workshops for children, young people, teenagers, migrants, adult learners, and both undergraduate and postgraduate university students. My approach to workshops is flexible and I am happy to tailor the content to the individual group.

I can facilitate one-off workshops, or provide a block, and I am on the Scottish Book Trust’s Live Lit database.

If you would like to book me for a workshop or if you have any enquiries about pricing etc, then please send an email to


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