“Cat Hepburn’s new collection is the lovechild of slam poetry and the snatched rant over coffee or in the loo, away from unfriendly ears. Based around familiar subjects and scenarios, #GIRLHOOD takes us through the experiences that create, develop, warp, break and strengthen women and girls… Bittersweet, irreverent and to-the-point, these poems speak of life’s knots and identity pitfalls all too clearly. Laughter will often be accompanied by a twinge of pain – the kind of laugh we all need sometimes, if only to purge us of the bottled up emotions we (still) don’t always feel comfortable expressing on a daily basis”  The Skinny (4 Stars).

Available to buy from Speculative books.

If you would like to book me for a performance or book signing, then please contact me on cat.hepburn@icloud.com